What We Do

Sourcing Solution Partners provides cost reduction and saving solutions through strategic sourcing. Our solutions offer an affordable way to find new suppliers who want to partner with companies to help source a service or operation.

We complete all the work to identify and procure the right partner that leads to the best value sourcing agreements, the type that provides long-term savings and ROI. One of our motives is to help you improve the speed, performance, reach, and usability of any or all steps in your buying process.

Supplier Relationship
We support a large network of companies who participate on RFPs and other selective bids. We help qualify and approve companies as a preferred vendor and make it easy to find new buyers, accelerate sales, and retain customers. As a preferred vendor and member, we will connect you with companies that are looking for your services and help bring business to you.

Buyer Sourcing & Procurement
We help support or take over the procurement day-to-day responsibility of searching for and evaluating vendors. The goal is to save you from having to search across industries to determine what the latest and most relevant best practices are. We manage the sourcing solution and find the right partner so you don’t have to; this is possible through a custom approach that’s right for you.

More of What We Do
Interested in seeing more of our extensive services? We also:

  • Create and prepare procurement documents and forms, including Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP), and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA).
  • Develop custom Master Service Agreements (MSA), Service of Work (SOW) contracts, Amendments for contract support, and Service Level Agreement (SLA) exhibits.
  • Conduct global search for partners who excel in areas of sourcing need.
  • Manage entire RFI/RFP processes and qualify best fit firm(s).
  • Conduct on-site supplier due diligence, interviews, and inspection.
  • Select final sourcing solution partner(s) with greatest value ROI.
  • Negotiation and contract management support.
  • Management of all on-boarding and project implementation with new vendors or suppliers.